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Ear Candles

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Ear candling is a totally pain free natural therapy. The ear candles themselves are approx. 15cm. long and are made from 100% pure bees wax, cotton fabric and then rolled in the essential oils of sage, chamomile and st. johns wort. Beneficial for sinus problems, headaches, ear infections, tinnitus, asthma, vertigo, swimmers ear, removal of excessive wax build up or a deep cleansing of the ear and nasal canals. Each candle burns for approx. 15 minutes. Do not use candles if you have had recent ear surgery, gromets or tubes are present, or at the onset of a cold or ear infection. Ear candles are sold as a pair for $12 or five pairs for $50 plus $5 p&h anywhere in Australia. A full set of instructions is included and users must accept full responsibility for usage of this product. All payments via bank deposit. Notify me via email with details of where to send the candles. When payment is made  I will send the candles out that day. Thank you for your interest and payment. Any questions please email me and I will get back to you. Payment details: Commonwealth bank  B.S.B 063853 ACC.NO. 10147024 Name Miss Leanne Crisp. Thank you and have a lovely day.
For home visits in the outer eatern suburbs of Melbourne please call 5962-6365.  The ear candling session lasts approx 45 minutes and costs $40.  A relaxing reiki on the upper chakras is included in the price.  Thank you.

This is what the ear candles look like. You place the tapered end gently into your ear canal and light the other end. The candle acts as a vacuum, removing all the toxins from your sinus and ear canals and fills the end of the candle. When it has burnt down to the red indicator line, remove candle from the ear and extinguish in a nearby cup of water. Easy!  {you can then unwrap the remaining candle to see what has been removed from your canals if you desire!!}


Try it today. You'll be amazed at the experience.
Please get in touch to offer comments or ask any questions. Thank you.

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