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Ear candling is a totally pain free natural way to heal. Made from 100% pure bees wax, cotton fabric and rolled in essential oils of sage chamomile and st. johns wort. Ear candling can relive symptoms of headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, asthma, swimmers ear, excessive wax build up, sinus problems and more. Do not use if there are gromets or tubes present or you have the onset of a cold or ear infection. Ear candles are sold in pairs and users must accept full responsibility for usage of this product. The set comes with full instructions. The Ear candle, when lit, acts as a vacuum, draining all the toxins out of the ear and sinus canals into the hollow tube of the candle. A totally amazing, relaxing experience.

Here is what the candles look like. Approx 15 cm. long tapering to one end, with a red indicator line to let you know when to extinguish the candle.


Ear candles $12 a pair or $50 for 5 pairs plus $5 p&h Australia wide.
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